What are you looking for in a trumpet ? Que buscas en una trompeta?

Every once we realize that our equipment is hampering our playing style. What are the factors that are at play when you search for that "magic bullet"? Is it really about price? Are we that stingy not to invest in our profession? Why wouldn't you invest in yourself?

Cada vez en cuando realizamos que nuestro equipo no nos esta ayudando como antes. Cuales son tus requisitos para escojer esa "trompeta perfecta"? Precio? Somos tan tacanos en no invertir en nuestra profesion? o en nosotros mismos?

Trumpet players seen using Fides Trumpets

Through feedback via email , Youtube  and private pictures we have been seeing an increase in players using the Fides line. We are very happy to see growth in a product that we all believe in.

Gracias al email, Youtube and fotos de amigos podemos ver el crecimiento del uso de trompetas Fides. Estamos super orgullosos de ver que el producto nuestro tenga tanta visibilidad!

Here are some players that have been brought to our attention.
Aqui estan algunos que usan Fides.

Diego Hernan Salcedo COLOMBIA
Jose Aguirre COLOMBIA
Daniel Lobos CHILE
Daniel Espinoza CHILE
Edwin Gutierrez PUERTO RICO
Erick Sanchez COSTA RICA
Gilbert Toro ORLANDO , FL
Guillermo Calderon PUERTO RICO
Hector " Pitufo" Heredia PUERTO RICO
Kenneth Torres PUERTO RICO
Fernando Marcano PUERTO RICO
Kenneth "Monty" Montgomery PUERTO RICO
Natanael Cruz PUERTO RICO
Pucho Fernandez PUERTO RICO
Torres Silva PUERTO RICO
Victor Selles ORLANDO,FL
Dennis Long USA


Welcome to the Fides-USA blog. We plan to bring new information due to our ever increasing popularity. Check back regularly for new topics!
Gracias por visitar el blog de FIDES-USA.  Dado a nuestra popularidad vamos a subir mas informacion y temas!

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    Wednesday, January 06, 2010
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